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" " deborah: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm deborah souverain. the campaign trail is heating up in iowa ahead of the caucuses. and today...democrati c presidential candidate martin o'malley stumped in sioux prepare for the first in the nation race. abc 9 's bria bell was there...and has more on the former maryland governor's visit.... bria: deborah, the former governor and mayor is hopeful to gain support of iowans as the state's first caucus is 29 days away. his high hopes come just days after failing to receive enough valid signatures causing the presidential candidate to not appear on ohio's primary ballot.
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i've always been called to a tough fight," said o'malley. presidential candidate martin o'malley believes his fight to become the democratic nominee is far from over. on thursday, the former governor fell 228 signatures short to receive a spot on ohio's primary ballot. o'malley seemed confident as he says the road to nomination is not supposed to be easy. "every challenger's campaign is a battle to the balls up in the air as you stretch your resources and unfortuantely we're going to have to compete in ohio as a write-in basis, but we've made the ballot in every other state and unfortunately for us ohio is later in the process," said o'malley. while visiting sioux city, o'malley stated that he wants to shift the dynamic of the presidential race with the help of iowans. he believe he has the experience to get it donto face challenges that our country is up against. "as i traveled all across northwest iowa, the two phrases
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'new leadership' and 'getting thins done'. people understand that our politics is gridlocked in washington and we need a new leader who will pull us forward, build on the good things that president obama has accomplished and actually make wages go up again because that's the only way our country work well when we're all able to do better," said o'malley. compared to the other democratic candidates, supporters of o'malley say, "so far he's pretty good,". "with o'malley, i think that he just has a proven track record," said. hildreth. "he is open to ideas, he is open to hearing from the people...i really believe that he could make a difference," said alarcon-flory. bria: o'malley says iowans he a history of making decisions washington never saw coming and believes he will surprise a lot of people at caucus. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. deborah thank you bria.. on the oth side of the race...presidential hopeful ben carson is speaking out about the major
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campaign. today carson said...he's "in a different ballgame" now...and that the campaign leadership he had in place....was unable to execute his plans. carson talked about the changes to his campaign today on abc's "this week". (ben carson, (r) presidential candidate) "we have had very good people, very good ideas and no one predicted that we would in the hunt. a with no background, no campaign, no funding mechanism, so really it's quite spectacular what we were able to do. the fact of the matter is now we're in a different ball game and we need the ability to execute and not just have good ideas." deborah barry bennett...carson's former campaign manager... told time magazine he was furious about carson's business manager's role in the campaign... accusing him of arranging interviews the campaign was not aware of. deborah donald trump says he is not going to dial back his
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being featured in an al qaeda recruitment video. in an interview that aired today on "cbs" face the nation...the republican frontrunner dismissed the new video. dt: they've used other people too. what am i gonna do ? i have to say what i have to say and you know what i have to say? there is a problem. we have to find out what the problem is and we have to solve that problem . two weeks ago, hillary clinton drew scrutiny when she said during a democratic presidential debate that isis is using trump's position on muslims in recruiting videos. however, there has not been any evidence to indicate that isis has used trump as a recruitment tool. deborah it's a big day for the n-f-l... as teams play their final games of the regular season. but, there's a new twist off the field the fight against the top fantasy sports sites. abc's marci gonzalez has more " the biggest names in daily fantasy sports- facing a new, potentially crippling challenge- new york's attorney general eric
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going after draft- kings and fan-duel - to give all the money they've made in new york state back to their customers... nat commercial--- could use this from wn - or any other one you find: "$35 on fanduel and won over $2,000,000." this lawsuit - alleges ads- showing people easily making big bucks - are misleang... (gfx) claiming- nearly 90 percent of draft-king players in 2013 and 2014 actually lost money... darren sot 01;11;42;45 they originally deposited money with these dfc based on doubling their money, which is what the ads promised and he says that was a false promise schneiderman filing suit against fan-duel and draft-kings in november-trying to stop them from operating in new york-- calling them "illegal gambling operations." something both have
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nigel eccles ceo and cofounder fanduel "it's a game of skill" if a judge sides with new york's top prosecutor- the pay out could be huge- those sites reportedly took in more than $200- million dollars in entry fees from at least 600-thousand customers in new york in 2015. the lawsuit - aims to have the companies reimburse each of them for losses - plus pay a 5- thousand dollar penalty for each violation. (gfx) fan-duel vowing to "fight this meritless, amended suit." " deborah fantasy sports are banned in eight states...including iowa and south dakota. illinois became the most recent state to ban daily fantasy sports...after deeming it a game of chance and not skill. deborah an armed anti- government militia group has seized control of a federal building in oregon. according to reports..anti- government protestors were rallying in support of two oregon ranchers facing jail time when things escalated. the protestors broke into a federal wildlife refuge....and are now threatening violence. the two ranchers that the group is supporting...are set to report to prison on monday for arson. they were convicted of setting fire to grazing lands managed by the cover up poaching. did they pay the price in my opinion, and many others, yes they did. for them to be given a further more severe sentence, a lot of
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however, there are proper channels to go through and bringing in a militant view, saying we're going to rise up, that's just not right. the group is being led by ammon bundy...e son of nevada rancher...cliven bundy...who was invoed with a previous stand- off with federal officials in 20-14. ammon has called on militias from around the country to join in the protest. the group is accusing government officials of unfairly punishing ranchers refusing to sell their land. coming up one man decides to say goodbye to his "best friend" with a special bucket list. that story after the break elisa (fred) it will remain cold for now, but there is a mid-week warmup in sight. we also have some rain and snow chances to talk about! stay with us! " "
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expect as we head back to work tomorrow? (fred) cold weather! it will warm up later in the week, but we'll also see a chance of rain and snow. elisa raffa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a cold looking scene from the ho chunk centre in sioux city. today's high was 26 and the low 16. highs over western iowa were in the 20s.y 21 in le mars! eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota were also in the 20s for highs, with the exception of ord, which reached 37. sioux city's current temperature is 21, but the dew point is 16 and falling, showing dry air that will lead to a chilly night. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. winds are north to northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills are in the single digits and teens. we are already seeing fog
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see some fog tonight. the stormcast hd shows high pressure slidiing through tonight. that will keep skies mostly clear and temperatures cool. tomorrow, skies will be partly cloudy. winds will pick up from the south on tuesday. that will warm us up. clouds will increase on wednesday, and we may also have some flurries. the forecast for tonight is for mostly clear skies and areas of fog. the low will be 5. there may be some slick roads due to freezing fog. tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies and areas of fog in the morning. the high will be 22. the 7-day forecast shows a warmup to
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thursday. we could see some flurries wednesday, then we have a chance of rain and snow thursday and friday, possibly lasting into saturday. it's still too early to tell could get, but at this time it does not look like a major storm. also, we're looking at another round of cold weather next sunday--the high will only reach 19. deborah/elisa (deborah) thanks, fred.
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a pennsylvania man who found out his dog has terminal helping his best friend check-off a
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todd burcha- now-ski reached out to friends to create the bucket list for his poodle-beagle mix..named reyes. the pair are now working on completing 80 activities.. so, far reyes has dined out at mc- donalds....went sledding...taken swimming lessons..and even helped forecast the weather. todd says...reyes' bucket list has inspired him to live a more positive life and hopes it makes others smile, too. " made me focus on some of those positive things i can bring out from it...and live my life a little differently...and live for the day. i hope tht during this process that she can put a smile on someone else's face just like she has put on mine for the past eight years." derah todd says their bucket list journey has become about more...than just checking items off a list. he says helping reyes live a fuller life..has inspired him to improve
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still to come... today is a popular day for internet dating. find out why...when we
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busiest day of the year for online dating. "it's called dating sunday" ...when droves of singles turn to the web to start the new year off by looking for a love. abc's mara schiavocampo...ha s more. "nats/ "no, no, no. ew super no." looking for love in all the wrong places? nats - "wait he's cute - you're going so fast well today - might be your day - to find a soulmate - according to the sunday after new year's is prime time to find love -they call it - "dating sunday"... nats - match commercial the online dating site says there's typically 60 p spike in new users joining the site between chrsitmas and valentines day. so what makes today the best day to log on for love? well according to match - sundays are always
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the week. and with emotions runing high during the holidays - there are plenty of break-ups - which means more fish in the sea? so if finding love was o of your resolutions - start revamping those online profiles - because you may be in luck? sot paul carrick brunson (professional matchmaker) tip #1 choose a clever username - maybe one that begins with an earlier letter in the alphabet- that way you're at the top of the search heap. tip #2 make your profile photo stand out nats - you can tell everything you need to tell from the first picture ?and adding flash - not such a bright idea - photos with flash can add six s to your perceivable age... and finally - tip number 3: keep your bio short and sweet! " coming up in sports...the wayne state wildcats were
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weekend sweep this afternoon against sioux falls. we'll head to the hardwood up ahead. plus..the musketeers were in search of their fourth win in four games after the christmas break. find out if they could get it against conference leading lincoln
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were dead last in the western conference. but a win today against conference leading lincoln wouldn't just give them a four game win streak, but it would also put them in playoff position. cam gornet making his fourth start in net in the last eight games. his offense trying to help him out...teemu deep looks near post but peyton jones slams the door shut to keep it scoreless. not long later though...ian schied...a defenseman trying to do his best patrick kane...he skates a long way before snapping off the wrister...sweet move makes it 1-0. they continue to pressure...the takeaway on the forecheck frees
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for a shot but jones makes the was 1-0 after one. just 30 seconds into the second rips one and mitch fossier shows good things happen when you get to the blue paint...2-0 good guys. six minutes later, the stars get on the board...ethen frank, gets the feed in front of the stopping that as the lead gets cut in half. but that's the only hiccup for gornet...24 saves for him today and the muskies win again, 6-1 theinal. chris: the wayne state women were picked to finish second in the northern sun this season, but so far the cats have struggled to a-6 mark heading into today's game. their opponent this afternoon at rice auditorium? 12 and 1 sioux falls coach chris kielsmeier's wildcats...strugg led out of the gate in this one. late in the first quarter...taylor varsho left open in front of the wayne state bench, she hits the three and it was 26-10 cougars after the first. but here come the cats...kacie o'connor...with e crossover, she connects on the triple to cut
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they'd trail by as many as 18, but o'connor, stops the run with another three...she had 11 off the bench. and that sparks a run...maggie schulte...gets the friendly roll...she knew it...she had a game high 22. then former pender star paige ballinger...the hoop and the harm...wayne state comes all the way back for a huge home win, 83-73. and in the men's game, matt thomas scored a team high 15 points for wayne state, but the wildcats shot just 22 percent from deep as they dropped a 79-70 decision to the cougars. wayne state falls to 3-10 on the season, 1 and 7 in the northern sun after the loss. they'll return to action friday at number 25 minnesota state. chris: after 16 weeks of action, the nfl playoff participants are pretty well settled with 10 of 12 postseason berths locked up heading into today. there was still plenty of seeding implications on the line today in
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lions, just playing for pride. jay cutler and chicago looking for their second straight win. this won't help the red zone...something bears fans are used to...the ball gets tipped and james lawson picks it off to protect their 7-0 lead. after another cutler pick, matt prater owns the longest field goal in nfl history...this one, 59 yarder to make it 10-0 at the half. in the 3rd...cler gets some redemption...he finds josh bellamy...34 yard pitch and catch knots things up at 10. but then matt stafford, such an up and down year...he gets some help from megatron...calvin johnson with the great catch to put the lionback on top. in the fourth now...cutler swin it out to matt forte and this guy just doesn't age...he slices through the detroit defense to tie it up at 17. lions, driving deep in bears territory...staffo rd on the play fake to eric ebron...that would be the game winner...24-20 detroit downs chicago.
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their historic church ... we'll have more on why they say this wasn't just about destroying a building. elisa raffa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m (fred) the forecast for tonight is for mostly clear skies and areas of fog. the low will be 5. there may be some slick roads due to freezing fog. tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies and areas of fog in the morning. the high will be 22. the 7-day forecast shows a warmup to 29 tuesday, then 35 wednesday and 37 thursday. we could see some flurries wednesday, then we
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thursday and friday, possibly lasting into saturday. it's still too early to tell how much snow we could get, but at this time it does not look like a major storm. also, we're looking at another round of cold
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only reach 1 ribeiro: here's a sneak peak at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ theme music plays ] boy: daddy, look at me! [ laughter ] i'm katie mcfarlane. [ laughter ] woman: get above that second rope. man: going down this. [ laughter ] [ groans ] [ cheers and applause ]
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